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  • Inlining - yes, it happens

    Some time ago I was giving a small lecture on .NET development talking about some CLR internals (largely based on SSCLI). During the talk on the JIT, the question of inlining popped up ( does it happen? ). This post shows inlining in action based on a little perf measurement. For more details, visit...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 19 Feb 2007
  • Calling printf from C# - The tale of the hidden __arglist keyword

    Browsing the SSCLI can be enlighting from time to time (if not all the time). Take a look at the following function implemented in console.cs: [ HostProtection (UI= true )] [ CLSCompliant ( false )] public static void WriteLine( String format, Object arg0, Object arg1, Object arg2, Object arg3, __arglist...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 28 Sep 2006
  • .NET 2.0 string interning inside out

    Introduction Time for some cool .NET 2.0 feature that might prove useful in some scenarios: string interning. If you don't know what it is, check out the resources at the end of the article first. Simply stated: string interning keeps a hashtable of strings while running an application. If a string with...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 27 Sep 2006
  • SSCLI 2.0 has arrived

    Only for CLR hardcore freaks, the SSCLI version 2.0 has been released to the web. SSCLI (codenamed Rotor) stands for Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure and is Microsoft's shared source implementation of the CLI (ECMA 335) and the C# compiler (ECMA 334). So, it contains the source of an entire...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 24 Mar 2006
  • Rotor experiences

    As you probably did notice it already on my blog, I'm focusing on the deeper stuff ("how things work") of various technologies such as SQL Server and the CLR for the moment (and I plan to continue to do so for the next months). Why? Well, I find it super exciting to know more about how things work. Although...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 27 Jul 2005
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