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  • TechEd 2008 South Africa Demo Resources

    Last week, I had the honor to speak at TechEd 2008 South Africa on a variety of topics. In this post I’ll outline all of the resources, including uploads of all my demos, referred to during my presentations. But before I do so, I sincerely want to point out what a great audience I got. Thanks to everyone...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 09 Aug 2008
  • LINQ to AD - Refresh Release 1.0.1 Available

    I’m happy to announce the availability of the 1.0.1 RR (Refresh Release, not Dutch for “ Rechtvaardige Rechters ” – known as Knights of Christ – a stolen piece of art by Jan Van Eyck in my student-home city Ghent ) of LINQ to AD on CodePlex. Here’s the Change Set 12012 ’s description: Refresh Release...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 31 Jul 2008
  • LINQ to MSI - Part 2 - Queryable without an I

    In the last couple of posts in the series, we've been establishing the interop baseline ready to be used by the query provider layer on top, which we're about to build now. Since the goal of this blog series is to live an IQueryable-free live, for reasons explained earlier including demo-simplification...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 23 Jun 2008
  • LINQ to MSI - Part 1 bis - Interop with SafeHandles

    A rather unexpected intermezzo in this series. Why? The first rule of blogging is that blog readers are always right, and this time it was no different. Although I pointed out yesterday "We're just doing raw interop here without more fancy SafeHandle stuff or so, but feel free to fine-tune the...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 14 Jun 2008
  • LINQ to MSI - Part 1 - Interop

    PattThis should really be the least interesting part of this series. But still, without any physical data access layer, there's no way to build abstractions on top of it. So, in this post of this series we'll take a look at some very simple MSI interop, giving us a basic data provider for MSI...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 13 Jun 2008
  • LINQ through PowerShell

    In a reaction to my post on LINQ to MSI yesterday, Hal wrote this: I don't know enough about the dev side to know if this is a stupid question or not but here goes: Would I be able to take advantage of LINQ to MSI (or LINQ in general from a wider point-of-view) from within PowerShell?  I know...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 07 Jun 2008
  • LINQ to MSI - Part 0 - Introduction

    Introduction Lately I've been delivering talks entitled "LINQ to Anything", to be repeated this summer at TechEd Africa. The goal of those talks is to focus on LINQ from the extensibility point of view, in other words: how to write query providers like LINQ to AD or LINQ to SharePoint ...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 06 Jun 2008
  • Dealing with anonymous types in Reflection.Emit

    A few days ago I got an interesting question from one of my blog readers. During my blogging battle with pattern matching , I mentioned the concept of compiling expression tree lamdas on the fly to IL-code. This is actually one of the core parts of the System.Linq.Expressions implementation when expressions...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 04 Jun 2008
  • Q: Is IQueryable the Right Choice for Me?

    Introduction Recently I delivered a session on Custom LINQ Providers - LINQ to Anything at the TechDays conferences in Ghent and Lisboa. The core of the session focuses on expression trees and translating those at runtime into a query language like CAML or LDAP (as the running samples). In this approach...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 27 Apr 2008
  • Upcoming Event: DevDays 2008 - Amsterdam

    After my previous little European tour visiting Ghent and Lisboa talking about LINQ, Parallel FX Extensions, Windows PowerShell 2.0 and WPF, I'm looking forward to meet the European audience again at DevDays 2008 Amsterdam . I'm especially thrilled about this one since it's my first speaking...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 18 Apr 2008
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