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Status update on WPF/AppModel, Channel 9 geekSpeak, TechEd EMEA Developers

It's been quite some time since I've been blogging over here... Things have been quite busy the last couple of weeks to settle in over here in Redmond, both personally and professionally but rest assured: everything's going fine! In this blog post I wanted to answer a few questions...


What are you working on?

Very good question indeed. As you know from a previous post I've joined the Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond to work on the Windows Presentation Foundation. More specifically, I'm part of a team called AppModel and we own all sorts of stuff that doesn't fit in some other category or feature area. Examples include the Window and Application classes, XBAP stuff, resource loading, etc. So you'll most likely hit our code in virtually any WPF application out there in the wild :-). The last two weeks I've familiarized myself with the code-base and various internal tools we use to build and test our stuff. During that time I've been working actively on this project for our team.

And, next to this, I keep myself busy with various other fun projects and experiments which might hit the blogosphere some time in the near or distant future :-).


Is LINQ to SharePoint still alive?

You bet it is! Although the latest check-in on the project is almost two months ago, I've been working on a next set of features offline. Once time permits and a few other things have been figured out, I'll start to continue regular work on the project and give you an update on the project's status and goals. For now, it's my pleasure to announce you I'll be covering LINQ to SharePoint on Channel 9 geekSpeak next week on October 31 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time! For more information and to register, check out this site: Topics covered include the use of LINQ to SharePoint, a look under the covers of LINQ query providers and an update on the project's future roadmap.


TechEd EMEA Developers

Another reason it's been pretty calm over here is the prep work for my sessions (and side-activities) on TechEd EMEA Developers. I'll be presenting two sessions:

  • INF305 Next Generation Manageability – Windows PowerShell and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 Extensibility

    With the advent of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 and Windows PowerShell more recently, manageability has been taken to the next level. In this session you’ll learn how to write your own managed code MMC 3.0 snap-in and how to extend Windows PowerShell with custom Cmdlets and providers. Finally, we’ll put the pieces together by layering MMC 3.0 snap-ins on top of Windows PowerShell runspaces. See what’s in it for you and learn how to close the gap between IT Pros and Developers.
  • WIN305 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Data Binding In-Depth

    Ever written an application without data? Didn’t think so. Data is everywhere nowadays and so is the need to work with data in a convenient way. Get familiar with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) data binding features and learn how to bind with various types of data sources. This session will also cover the use of templates that will help to close the gap between business objects and presentation.

Oh yes, and there's a pre-event interview with me over here. Other great videos from Belgians over there include Gunther's on the database track, Profke's covering SharePoint sessions and Gert's on the overall event. Of course, check out the others as well: Scott Guthrie, Mike Hall, etc - just a few names.

If you're attending TechEd EMEA Developers this year, definitely come and see this year's Speaker Idol competition. I won't be a participant this year of course, but will be there! We have four waves with three participants each and one final to find this year's Speaker Idol. Check it out on the Speaker Idol page.


That's it for now - I promise to start blogging on a more regular basis again when things calm down a little bit. | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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