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LINQ to SharePoint team blog

image The last couple of weeks my blog has been filled with LINQ to SharePoint stuff. Because of the project dimensions today and in the near future, it was decided to branch off all the LINQ to SharePoint stuff to the LINQ to SharePoint team blog. That's right, it says "team blog" since LINQ to SharePoint won't stay a one-man show in the near future (more info about these evolutions will be posted to the team blog the next couple of weeks).

So, what will you find on the team blog? Here a list of the topics that will be covered on the blog:

  • Information about upcoming and new releases;
  • A look at the internals of LINQ to SharePoint, including the parser and much more;
  • Stuff about the tools that ship with LINQ to SharePoint, including SpMetal and VS2008 IDE integration;
  • Samples and how to Videos to learn how to work with LINQ to SharePoint.

On my own blog I'll put references to LINQ to SharePoint posts now and then but the team blog will become the ultimate resource for LINQ to SharePoint news and insights, while the CodePlex site is intended for the technical side of the project, i.e. source control, work item tracking, etc. Most CodePlex wiki pages will link to the blog and vice versa. (It would be a great feature for CodePlex to have some team blog functionality in order to centralize information about projects.)

In the meantime, stay tuned (subscribe to the team blog's RSS feed) for an interim release that will be published later this month, before we get to the 0.3 alpha stage. The interim release will contain overall design improvements and foundation work in order to enable the 0.3 work that's mostly related to entity updates. | Digg It | Technorati | Blinklist | Furl | reddit | DotNetKicks

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