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SchoolServer: it's just the beginning of the story now ...

The VLOD event ("Vlaamse Onderwijs Dagen", is over now. Just arrived at home from our last presentation of the SchoolServer 2004 solution today. It was just great (not only my opinion but the opinion of a lot of visitors on the event). Thanks to the whole team that was over there in Ghent during the event representing Microsoft and promoting this solution: Annelies, Jan, Hans, Danielle and Björn. The demos went very well (after a few problems yesterday with beamer resolutions) and I think the attendees got the message: SchoolServer really wants to make the life of IT-coördinators in schools easier by providing some simple-to-use tools for the everyday management of the Windows Server 2003 domain.

For those of you who're interested in the project status: currently, I'm developing with the SchoolServer team the internet blocking solution and the teacher tools (for the moment being this piece of the solution is in an early alpha stage). We expect to have a release candidate ready by June this year to be able to extend the number of pilots and to test the solution on a large scale. The RTM is planned for Q1 2005.

If you missed the presentation and want to get more info, you can stay in touch with me or you can attend the next event where we'll present SchoolServer (possibly this will be the AAL summit in Hasselt on May 10th - more info on I'm off the development for a few days now (relax and think of the further development schedule).

Thanks again to the whole team. Cheers,
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